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EU Beyond the Limits: Developing Entrepreneurship via Creativity in Schools project (GRANT_NUMBER: 2020-1-TR01-KA203-093989) dissemination activity (ICLEL 23 conference / 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LIFELONG EDUCATION AND LEADERSHIP FOR ALL ) was organized using the Hybrid method at University of Coimbra, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences- PORTUGAL between 6-8 July 2023.

At the Opening Ceremony, Prof.Dr. Amilcar Calta Ramos Ferreira (Rector of University of Coimbra) and Prof.Dr. Maria Paula Paxixao-Dean of Phycology and Educational Science Faculty, President of University Student Association, Prof.Dr. Osman Titrek-Project Coordinator and Prof.Dr Carlos Sousa de Reis-Iclel 23 Coordinator- made their speeches. Prof.Dr. Osman Titrek presented some infos about the EU Beyond the Limits project from the Web site ( and explained what they are doing during this project to all participants. Prof.Dr Carlos Sousa de Reis-Iclel 23 Coordinator explained the situation and activities of dissemination activity-ICLEL 23 About 230 people participated in these activities in person and virtually during the ICLEL 23 ( from 27 different countries. Opening Ceremony, oral and poster presentations, workshops and round table academic activities organized at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences auditorium and classrooms.

Important Note

In the process of ICLEL 2022 and ICLEL 2023, participation free of charge and publication will be made of articles on.Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Education. are presented and a conference book is published within the scope of the EU KA 203 project Beyond the Limits:Developing Entrepreneurship via Creativity in Schools (Project No: 2020-1- TR01-KA203-093989 ).

Some dissemination activitities of ICLEL 23 at University of Coimbra web page
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ICLEL 23 dissemination activity will held on University of Coimbra- Portugal between 6-8 July 2023
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