Dear Colleagues and Researchers,

It is a great pleasure and an honor to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the 8 th International Conference on Lifelong Education and Leadership for All, to be held July 05-07, 2022 at the Granada University Education Faculty - SPAIN. The main topic of ICLEL 2022  is " Creativity in Education and Entrepreneurship". This year ICLEL Conferences is a part of EU BEYOND THE LİMİTS: DEVELOPING ENTREPRENEURSHIP via CREATIVITY in SCHOOLS (Project No: 2020-1- TR01-KA 203- 093989). ​

​ Iclel 2022 conference organized HYBRID Methodology (In-person oral presentations & Virtual presentations).

Important Note

In the process of the project we will organize ICLEL 2022 and ICLEL 2023 as dissemination activities: Based on the project, researchers who will prepare articles on Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Education will be attend as free of charge. Presented papers will be published in the conference proceeding book. The conference book is published within the scope of the EU KA 203 project Beyond the Limits:Developing Entrepreneurship via Creativity in Schools (Project No: 2020-1- TR01-KA203-093989 ) with ISBN number and submitt to Web of Science for indexing at Conference Citation Index

First Multiplier Event (ICLEL 2022) conducted at Granada University between 5-7 JULY 2022.
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During ICLEL 2022, top keynote speakers will be with us such as

  1. Prof.Dr. David RAE - De Montfort University- ENGLAND
  2. Prof.Dr. Mark A. RUNCO-Director of Creativity Research Programming /Southern Oregon University-USA
  3. Prof.Dr. Michele BIASUTTI- Padova University- ITALY
  4. Prof. Dr. Jose Gijon PUERTA- Granada University- SPAIN
  5. Prof.Dr. Carlos Sousa de REIS- Coimbra University- PORTUGAL
  6. Prof.Dr. Malcolm HOARE- De Montfort University-ENGLAND
  7. Prof.Dr. Jonathan FEINSTEIN- Yale University-USA
  8. Assoc. Prof.Dr. Mirzana Pasic KODRIC- IUniversity of Sarajevo-BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA
  9. Asst. Prof.Dr. Felix Angel POPESCU-  Agora University of Oradea- ROMANIA

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