E- Book about "Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Education" The main aim of this intellectual output is to create a comprehensive and high quality academic material to be used in developing creativity and entrepreneurship skills of students and young people at different levels. A preliminary needs analysis has already been done by project partners from several European countries and lack of a comprehensive teaching and learning material about creativity and entrepreneurship which available to everyone by open access sources is apparent. The target group of this intellectual output will be university students, young people, teachers, teacher trainers and academicians. Teacher trainers and academicians will also benefit from the e-book mostly in their teaching and in their research activities. The e-book will have an extensive literature for any academicians and researchers who are willing to study or make a research about creativity and entrepreneurship and also they will be able to find many activities and application that they can use in their classrooms in their higher education institutions. The e-book which will be developed by the project partnership will be innovative in the sense that it will have both academic literature about what creativity and entrepreneurship is, and in addition, it will also have practical applications for classroom and everyday activities which develop the skills of young people. The main expected impact of this intellectual output is an understanding and an extensive knowledge of creativity and entrepreneurship which is easily accessible by students, teachers, teacher trainers and academicians from different European countries. The e-book, which will be published in English and in the languages of project partners, will be an open access material accessible to anyone in Europe and in the world.

Creative Learning for Entrepreneurship E- Book prepared as an output of the project and published as an output of the project with OCTAEDRO EDITORIAL. You can reach this e-book from : https://octaedro.com/libro/creative-learning-for-entrepreneurship