Curriculum Development for Higher Education & High Schools Entrepreneurship is one of the most important competencies that must be gained in the 21st century for the new generation. The basis of entrepreneurship is the acquisition of creative thinking and creativity skills. University level courses have started to be developed for developing these skills, but these courses should be started especially at high school level and at the university level, it should be given more practical and spiral courses with higher level skills. However, the current entrepreneurship lecture is not intended to gain this, it can only be claimed that it remains at the basic theoretical level and does not serve the purpose. For this reason, it is clearly a necessity to develop the programs of the courses that will develop a common creative entrepreneurship skills in all universities by presenting them to both the Ministries of Education and the Higher Education Board for the preparation and implementation of the course programs to be realized with spiral programming at the high school level and the university level associated with this education. Therefore, the main purpose of this programs are primarily develop for university and high school levels. The main target group of this project is university students, and academicians. In addition, the curriculum is developed for high school level and it is aimed to guide the teachers who can give this lesson in high schools and to create a basic resource. The main approach to program development activities in this area most known and utilized in the preparation of programs in Turkey will be a model of Taba-Tyler Programming Approach.