Sakarya University is a non-profit state university and it has more than 55.000 students in different academic programs (undergraduates, gradute, master and doctorate level). It has 14 faculty, 6 institute, 3 Colleges 4 years 5 specific schools. Espeacially, Sakarya University is the best expertise of ICT based education system and there are lots of distance education programs in Turkey such as OPEN SCHOOL programs. Moreover, it also has lots of research center including Life Long Learning Center (LLP), Turkish Language Teaching Center etc. Sakarya University is one of the most important university about European programs., it has organizing and supporting lots of social projects, conferences, seminars in Turkey and abroad. Sakarya University has a big conference centre to organize these types of academic activities and facilities which is another strong power of the university in terms building and technological superiority . Sakarya University Education Faculty services more than 3500 students every year. It has more than 120 academicians and it has 8 departments. One of them is Educational Science and it also has Educational Administration and Supervision Branch directly related to this topic. Moreover it has Educational Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Counseling and Guidiance and Educational Evaluation- Measurement Branch and LLP Master Programme. This department services pedagogy lesson to all faculty departments and also it has some master programs for public and education sector. . The coordinator of this Ka2 project will be Sakarya University which holds the first ISO 2002 Quality Certificate in Turkey and which is one of the pinoer university getting this certificate in Europe. Moreover, EFQM model has practising to develop quality in management processes in Sakarya University. It is the first university in Turkey won the Excelance Continuity Award in Turkey. For more info please


FProf. Dr. Osman Titrek - Sakarya University


He is the Head of "Educational Administration and Supervision Branche" and former head of "LLP Master Programme"s. The coordinator of this project in Sakarya University and the planned project team is consist of experienced and skillful academicians in their subject area (Educational Science). They all have experiences in planning and carrying out scientific and social projects funded by Tubitak, Universities and including European projects (such as DETICE ( related also directly with this topic and USDEC 2014 ( ) which are funded by European Commission, LLP etc. ( , and etc). He is also one of KEYNOTE SPEAKER of ENTENP 2014 conference will be held in Granada University-SPAIN, June 2014 and directly related with the Project topic (, and he was the Director of Grundtvig programs in Sakarya University. He had been to the USA 1 year as researcher in Western Michigan University, 2007-2008 Academic Year. Moroever, he was editor of the book published in Germany and titled "Entrepreneurship via creativity for EU Citizenship in Education" and he was one of trainer at "entreprenurship and leadership education program for teachers" of Tubitak in 2015. He published a paper in SSCI journal related "Innovation levels of Turkish schools" at 2015. Now also he is editor at 2 SSCI indexed journal as well.


Assist. Prof. Dr. Gözde SEZEN GÜLTEKİN - Sakarya University


She graduated from English Language Teaching at Dokuz Eylul University in 2011. After then, she received her M.S. at Sakarya University in 2014 and Ph.D. at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University in 2019 in the field of Educational Administration and Supervision. She wroked as research assistant between 2012-2019 at Sakarya University Faculty of Education Educational Sciences Department Educational Administration and Supervision Program, and she has been working as Assist. Prof. Dr. at the same university since 2019. She has more than 50 research papers in which the reviewed articles, proceedings and book chapters. She has experienced as a co-coordinator in six European Projects, and as a coordinator in six international conference. She has been a reviewer in different journals and also the editor of two journals. She gives lessons such as Classroom Management, Educational Sciences, Turkish Educational System, Organizational Culture, Supervision at higher education institutes. Her research areas are organizational behavior, organizational sustainability, organizational myopia, organizational resilience, work engagement, loneliness at work, and lifelong education. Contact info:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa BAYRAKCI - Sakarya University


He is an Assoc. Prof. at Sakarya University Education Faculty and works at the Department of Educational Sciences. He has got his PhD degree in the field of Educational Management and Supervision. He is interested in inclusive education, information and communication technologies in education and educational management. He has got publications about ICT in education, educational management information systems, e-inclusion, lifelong learning and so on. Some of his courses at graduate and undergraduate level consist ICT in Education, Classroom Management, School Development, Comparative Education, Contemporary Approaches in Educational Management, etc. He has taken part in many national and international projects. He has participated many European Union projects of different types like School Partnerships, Grundtvig Learning Partnerships, Erasmus Intensive Programmes, Network Projects and Strategic Partnership Projects. Some of the projects he has participated and coordinated are Developing Effective Schools for Inclusion, Chemistry is All around Us, School Safety Net, Developing Leadership Skills of Women in Society etc.

Assoc Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Vural - Sakarya University


Primary and secondary education was completed in Adapazarı. High school as a boarding school at Arifiye Anatolian Teacher High School was completed. University education was completed by studying Mathematics Teaching Department and Mathematics Departments (Double Major) at Middle East Technical University. After graduation, two years was worked as a mathematics teacher in a private classroom. Master's and doctorate education was completed in abroad with the scholarship given by the Ministry of National Education. My master's degree at Syracuse University in the field of Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation between 2004-2006 and my doctorate education at Texas A&M University in the field of Educational Technologies between 2006-2010 was completed. During the doctorate education, I worked as a research assistant. As a research assistant, I helped the faculties develop course material. I started my academic professional career in Gaziantep Faculty of Education in the field of Curriculum and Instruction in January 2011 and got my Associate Professorship in this field in April 2017. I am currently working as an associate professor in the field of Curriculum and Instruction at Sakarya University, Faculty of Education. Fields of Study: Teacher education, distance education, mathematics education, material design and curriculum development

Dr. Abdulkadir Altınsoy - Sakarya University

Dr. Ögr. Üyesi Ahmet Sakin - Sakarya University

Dr. Ögr. Üyesi Turan ÇAKIR - Sakarya University

Prof. Dr. Selim İNANÇLI - Sakarya University


Born in Hendek district of Sakarya Province, Prof. Dr. Selim İNANÇLI completed his undergraduate studies in economics and his graduate and doctorate studies in Economic Development and International Economics at Anadolu University. He worked as an associate in the Department of Economic Programs at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty between 1994-2001. Since 2002, he started to work as a lecturer in Sakarya University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Economics. Between 2004-2005, he worked as a visiting professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He is still working at Sakarya University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Economics. He has articles published at local and global in international economics, papers presented in international congresses, books and book chapters, reports, and international projects.

Doç. Dr. Abdurrahman BENLİ - Sakarya University


The author is an associate professor at Labour Economics and Industrial Relations Department in Sakarya University. Respectively he received his PhD degrees from Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul University. His research areas are Social Policy, Social Security, Migration, Employment, Employment Relations and Human Resources, He has published articles, book chapters and papers.

Mert ÖNER – Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations – Sakarya University

Mert Öner, PhD, is a research assistant at Sakarya University, Turkey. He received his M.S in the field of Human Resources Management and he has got his PhD degree in the field of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations. His research interests include human resources management, green human resources management and green employee behaviour. He has published research articles, book chapters and papers.

Özlem BALABAN – Department of Business – Sakarya University

The author is an associate professor at Business Department at Sakarya University. She received his PhD degrees from Institute of Social Sciences, Sakarya University. Her research areas are human resource management, management and organization. She has published articles, book chapters and papers.


Fahrettin Bayram – SaU Education Faculty Student

Hasan Titrek – SaU Master Student

Contact Person
Prof. Dr. Osman TİTREK